Presidents' Page

A Word from Our President

As we enter the last month of our fiscal year, we would like to take the opportunity to thank those who have served on the board and are now stepping down. Your service to TBC has been truly appreciated and we will strive to honor your service by con nuing to maintain and strengthen our place within the Jewish community and the community at large.

Unfortunately, TBC is going through a difficult me. With the loss of Bingo and a large drop in High Holiday pledges, we are forced to raise dues beginning in June. Please understand that this is just a bump in the road and we will come back bigger and stronger. Membership con nues to rise, we are focusing on new ways to fund raise, and many new people are stepping up, joining the board and volunteering for Bingo when it returns. We know we can count on everybody to help pull us through this setback . Please answer the call to join a commi ee and give TBC a few hours of your me.

If you are reading this edi on of Chailites, you will be saddened to know that this is the last one. Chailites, which has been a wonderful and award winning ins tu on in our synagogue for so many years will not be published anymore. The appeal was made at the last congrega on mee ng for someone to step up and save it, but no one did. We therefore, must let it go. All informa on, such as candle ligh ng mes, no fica ons and yahrtzeits will be sent out by email at the appropriate mes.

We look forward to happy mes, spiritual awakenings and a renewed sense of pride and confidence in our beau ful, Temple Beth Chai. Let us join together in protec ng and building up our community, each other, and the commonality we all share. 

Maureen Schwartz, President