Presidents' Page

A Word from Our President

Happy new year to everyone! I hope 2018 brings us all happiness, health and a renewed sense of commitment to TBC.  We are working very hard to bring in new members and increase support for the Temple.  We would like your help with these goals.  If you know anyone who is looking for a temple or Hebrew school, please point them in our direction. We are also in need of fundraisers and additional ways to increase revenue. Do you have any ideas? Your suggestions are not only appreciated, but would be welcome.  Also, if you have issues or problems with anything you see in or around the temple, don't ask a third party, go to the source and talk to me or the Rabbi.  You will find that there are solutions to almost everything and answers you might not have even considered. Let's all join together for the benefit of the temple which we all love.  There are lots of changes in store for TBC in 2018. I am working very hard to bring us into the 21st century. We are instituting a new bookkeeping system, so please be patient with us as we iron out the kinks. Thankfully, Lori Relyea has agreed to stay in the office for as long as needed until we find a new secretary. We will be adding new security monitors upstairs and changing the locks on the parking lot door. I am also working with legal to streamline the board and amend the constitution to reflect this and other positive changes. 

Begin the year on the right foot and join us at the congregation meeting on Sunday, January 21at 10:00am. Become part of the process and participate. It's important, this is YOUR temple! Fill your brain with the latest goings on and fill your tummy with a bagel and some lox!


Maureen J. Schwartz, President