Men's Club/ Sisterhood

 Men's Club

Men’s Club would like to thank everyone who attended the dedication of The New Skip Eichler Scholarship Fund. It was a bitter sweet occasion. Men’s Club breakfast is Sunday May 21st at 10am the Men’s Club Texas Hold’em is on May 24th at 8pm. Men’s night out will be this month. Be on the lookout for the date and time. In June we will have a comedy night for all adults 18 and over on June 10th @ 9pm. A flier will go out shortly. Bring your friends and family. All are welcome.
Ira Landman,
Men’s Club President


So the fun has begun. Please start by joining Sisterhood. Your membership funds help our planning for the year and the sponsoring of onegs and many other activities during the year. Application form is in Chai Lights and can be emailed at anytime. Your $36 pledge goes a long way to helping support the temples activities.

Who says hanging around with friends can’t be fun. Just look at Robin Kolodny and the gang at Escape the Room! Lots of fun and we did it!!!!

Sisterhood Paid was also a fun time with friends. Thank you to Dianne Katz for
setting up the evening and Karen Levy for the wonderful information about her journey through the Israeli Army. I think it gave many of us a new perspective of life growing up in Israel.

Ongoing fundraisers include the following:

Good and Welfare cards are only a phone call or email away. Need to send a Sympathy or Congratulatory card. Just email Phyllis at or you call her at (631) 265-3201. She can add a special note and mail them for you. It doesn’t get any easier than that, all at a nominal cost of $6.00.

Our cartridge return program is so easy. Just bring your used cartridges from your copy and fax machines to the temple and we ship them back. The company then mails us a donation check for our returns. They also accept used cell phones with the chargers and boxes and all if you have them. It doesn’t get easier than that! Go Green and help support the Sisterhood!

Rebecca J. Muller, Sisterhood President