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Sukkot is the celebration of the harvest. This week long holiday commemorates the protection that God provided the children of Israel with after they left Egypt. The holiday takes place five days after Yom Kippur. This year, Sukkot begins at sundown on Sunday, October 13 and ends on Sunday, October 20.

Sukkot is celebrated by dwelling in a sukkah, a hut with at least three walls and a roof made of natural materials. You must build this structure under the open sky. Once Sukkot begins, you must eat all of your meals inside the sukkah.

In addition to dwelling in the sukkah, we participate in the Taking of the Four Kinds. The Four Kinds are an etrog (citron), a lulav (palm frond), three hadassim (myrtle twigs) and two aravot (willow twigs). The palm frond, myrtle and willow twigs are bounded together. The Four Kinds are representative of the four kinds of Jews, each with differing levels of Torah knowledge and observance. By bringing them together, we represent the unity among all Jews. On each day of Sukkot, we hold the Four Kinds, recite a blessing and shake them in six directions –  south, north, east, up, down and west.

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